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Dairy Ventilation Products Brochure PM232
Poultry Ventilation Products Brochure PM233
Swine Ventilation Products Brochure PM237
Environmental Control Handbook for Poultry Confinement C9D
Environmental Control Handbook for Livestock Confinement C15P
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Model DC Epoxy Coated Steel & Model DCA Aluminum

Model DC with Slant Wall Housing or Diffuser Cone B182
Model DCA with Slant Wall Housing or Diffuser Cone B183
Installation & Maintenance Instructions - DC 610006
Installation Instructions - DC Knock-Down  610042
Installation Instructions - Model DCA 610259
Installation Instructions - DCA Slant Wall Housing  610149
Installation Instructions - DC · DCA Belt Tightener  610148
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Model BDR Economy Galvanized

BDR Fan Catalog C196B
HV Fan Series B227C
Installation Instructions - BDR in Wood Box  610207
Installation Instructions - BDR in Slant Housing  610427
Installation Instructions - Addendum to 610427 -- BDR with Square Wall Housing  611019
Installation Instructions - WS & WSS Housing for BDR 610449
Installation Instructions - Diffuser Cone for BDR 610254
Installation Instructions - Knocked Down Breezemaster BDR - Top Motor Base 610458
Installation Instructions - Manual Belt Tightener  610420
Installation Instructions - Conversion from BDR Fan Spring Belt Tightener to Rotary Tensioner Belt Tightener  610794
Installation Instructions - Top Mount Automatic Belt Tightener  610621
Installation Instructions - Diffuser Cone for Model BDR54  610475
Installation Instructions - Installation for Changing Bearings  610377
Repair Parts List for BDR W/WSSC  610899
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Model BDRB Tunnel Fan with Butterfly Damper

BDRB Fan Brochure


Installation Instructions - BDRB


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BDRV Installation Instructions


Diffuser Cone for Fan Model BDRV54C3


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Model AGD Direct Drive & Model ADR Variable Speed Direct Drive

AGD Fan Brochure B71F
ADR Fan Brochure B74C
ADR in Wood Box Installation Instructions 610207
ADR in Slant Housing with/without Cone 610427
AGD Installation Instructions 610061
AGD Slant Wall Housing 610449
Diffuser Cone Installation 610254
Model PSF24 613201
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Model DSF48-4 Stir Fan

DSF48-4 Fan Brochure B228B
DSF Fan Installation Instructions 610792A
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Model DXP Composite Exhaust Fan

DXP 60" Composite Fan PM245
DXP Fan Installation Instructions 610496
DXP 60" Downblast Fan Installation Instructions 610497
DXP - Pillow Block Bearings 610498
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Model DDP Plastic & Model TF Tube Fan

DDP Fan Brochure B73N
DDP Installation Instructions 610388
DDP Transition Installation Instructions 610659
DDPV Installation Instructions 610672
Installation Instructions - Installation for Changing Bearings  610377
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Model RC Galvanized Tube Pressurizing System
Model RCA Aluminum Tube Pressurizing System

RC · RCA Fan Brochure B98D
RC/RCA Fan/Tube System Installation  610001
RC/RCA Heating Accessory Installation 610008
Weather Hood Installation 610022
Model RC KD Inlet Housing Owners Manual & Assembly Instructions 611021
Model RCH Weather Hood 611022
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Model HAF Horizontal Air Flow

HAF Fan Brochure B147A
HAF Installation Instructions 610445
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Model FQ & Model FN Direct Drive

Contact Acme Representative

 Acme Engineering
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Model Turbulator

Turbulator Brochure


Turbulator Installation Instructions



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Kool-Cel Pads B180B
Fogger Pads B142
Kool-Cel® OSEG/CSEG  B225A
Installation Instructions - 50 Gallon Pump Reservoir Kit 610524
Installation Instructions - Model OSEG 610937
Installation Instructions - Model CSEG 610938
Installation Instructions - HX House Extension 610665
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ACC-V Climate Controller Brochure B153
ACC-V Climate Controller Installation Instructions 610470
User's Manual
Wiring Diagram
KOOLMASTER® PP20-VS2 Wiring Diagram
KOOLMASTER® PP-32 Control B201A
KOOLMASTER® PP-32 Wiring Diagram KOOLMASTER® PP-32 Wiring Diagram Rev. 05
KOOLMASTER® PP-32 Control Installation Instructions KOOLMASTER® PP-32 Installation Instructions
Rev. 04
KOOLMASTER® Model LS Wiring Diagram KOOLMASTER® LS   Wiring Diagram    Rev.00
KOOLMASTER® Model LS Installation Instructions KOOLMASTER® LS
Installation Instructions   Rev.00
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Fan Accessories

Hanging Bracket Kit 611103
Straight Hanging Bracket Kit 610106

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APS Plastic Shutter Brochure B168
WAAC Motorized Inlet Shutter Brochure B111E
Assembly Instructions - Motorizing Sgl & Double 610391
Motorizing AR/AW Backdraft Dampers 613108A
Damper Retrofit Kit Instructions 610111
Assembly Instructions - Single Panel Manual Wall Shutters 610018
Spring Open, Powered Closed Motorizing Kit 610157A
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Light Traps

LTP/LTPF/LTPI Plastic Light Traps B158
Installation Instructions - LTP/LTPF 610564
Installation Instructions - LTPC 610634
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Motors & Drives

Motor Identification Chart for Acme Fans MC-1189
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Miscellaneous Forms
Terms & Conditions/Limited Warranty MS149
Instructions for Changing Bearings on Acme Fans 613110
Preventive Maintenance Guide and Tips for Best Performance Axial Fans for Agriculture or Greenhouse Applications 611105
Dimensional Data B193
Assembly Instructions for Model Transition Box 611132
Application for Credit Credit Form


Model DC Epoxy Coated Steel & Model DCA Aluminum

DC · DCA Fan Brochure B95C

Model SMF - Shutter Mounted Fans

SMF Brochure B212A

Model BDR Economy Galvanized

Installation Instructions - Belt Tightener  610138
Installation Instructions - Knocked Down Breezemaster BDR 610428

Model RCP Plastic Tube Pressurizing System

RCP Plastic Fan/Tube System Installation 610108
RCP Heating Accessory Installation  610109
Fresh-Air Convection Tube System
Fresh-Air Convection Tube System Installation 610044

Models RFG & RFS Ring Fans

RFG/RFS Installation Instructions 610663

Models RBD

RBD Fan 610799
RBD Diffuser Cone and Guard 611104

Model DS

DS Fan DS Performance
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PDR Evaporative Cooling System 


Kool Flow Water Control System

Kool-Cel® CTC, OTC, CTPP & OTPP  B209B
Installation Instructions - PDR (Galvanized/SS) 610260
Installation Instructions - PDR (Aluminum) 610046
Installation Instructions - PDR 12" Extension Kit 610170
Installation Instructions - PDRP 610594
Installation Instructions - PDRP60 Pump Reservoir Kit 610531
Installation Instructions - PDRP Extension Kit 610664
Installation Instructions - Model CTC 610675
Installation Instructions - Model CTPP  610676
Installation Instructions - Model OTC 610677
Installation Instructions - Model OTPP 610678
Installation Instructions - Pump Tank Kit 610662
Installation Instructions - PDRPOT 6" 610700
Installation of Liner in PDRP Kool Cel System 610796
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AHR34 & AHR172 Infra-Red Heater Brochure B146B
AHR420 Infra-Red Heater Brochure B187A
AIR40 Radiant Gas Brooder B206A
Installation Instructions - AHR420 610641
AHG/AHS Circulating Heaters Brochure B184A
Installation Instructions - 75 & 225 Heaters 610661
Models AH80GM, AH80SM, AH225G & AH225S
AH80GM, AH80SM, AH225G & AH225S 610400
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EMS Environmental Management System B159
ACC-VI Climate Controller Brochure B154
PB90 Raintight Control Brochure B76G
HMS Humidistat Sensor Brochure B188B
KOOLMASTER® BU-6 Control B202A
KOOLMASTER® LC-7 Control B199A
PB100SPC-D Inlet Controller Brochure PB100SPC-D
PB90 DSW Disconnect Switch Installation/Operating Instructions 610181
PB90 DSW Disconnect Switch Installation/Operating Instructions 610181
PB100 MSC Manual Fan Speed Control Installation/Operating Instructions 610184
ACC-II Model II Climate Controller 610257
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Assembly Instructions - Motorizing APS 610521
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BP PVC Baffle Inlet System B134C
BPW400 Wall Air Inlet B164
BPC2000 Ceiling Air Inlet B163
BPVF48 Wall Air Inlet B162A
Installation Instructions - BP PVC Baffle Inlet 610363
Installation Instructions - BPC Ceiling Inlet 610435
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Light Traps

Cellular Light Traps B141A
Installation Instructions - Light Trap 610078

Vent Machine

Installation Instructions - PIM750 610623

Vent Machine

CM 6000 Series Vent Machine B140C
Installation Instructions - CM 6000 Series 610469

Motors & Drives

Fenner Drives - Power Twist Plus V-Belt FDPTP-006
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